I make guitars, furniture, and other pieces out of wood.  I view woodworking as both an artistic (and design) endeavor as well as a trade.  I like how woodworking can be both functional and a work of design.  Below are a few examples.

Queen Bed

I designed this bed based on some work I admire greatly from the Greene and Greene brothers (early 20th century).  I made this bed out of mahogany, maple, walnut, redwood, ebony and pearl.  I designed and created the inlay trees and used "found" pieces of an old engraved Asian fan for the details.  


I started making guitars just after I finished college.  I wasn't a woodworker at the time, and creating musical instruments made me step further into woodworking as a whole.


I created cabinets, drawers, and countertops for my kitchen.  I used curly redwood and Douglas Fir for most of the cabinets and drawers, and maple and walnut for the countertops.  

Woodworking Odds and Ends