I have been planning, shooting, editing and mastering video and audio production for over 19 years.  I have filmed video for commercials and recorded audio for broadcast.  I enjoy overseeing multimedia projects and working with individuals to achieve a specific goal. 

Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Heart

For this video, I used a heart surgeon, a professional cartoonist, and the stop motion technique as a fun way to help educate kids about heart health.  Since the target audience consisted of children who were making drawings for a heart healthy drawing contest, I chose to use stop motion of Bob Armstrong drawing heart health related imagery.  It was a fun project with an intensely short timeline. 

Fresh to Market Organic Milk

I was fortunate to be able to design the packaging as well as create and produce this video and other materials for Fresh to Market Organic Milk.  My goal was to make a connection with the "farm to fork" movement that is happening, but with local milk.  

John Cleese for Toasted Head RR Chardonnay

I was able to work with John Cleese for a day recording a voiceover for my video introducing Toasted Head Russian River Chardonnay.  It was a fun experience, and used mostly for the wine trade as a sales tool.  I recorded and played the soundtrack as well as produced and shot the video for this project. 

Fresh to Market Honey

Filming around bees was a bit daunting, but it was also exciting and challenging.  I used a simple interview with the beekeepers to tell the story of Fresh to Market honey.  I also played and recorded the guitar music in the background of this video.

Food 4 Less Stop Motion

The goal of this video was to show amazing meal deals in 30 seconds.  I thought the best way to show how far money can go at Food 4 Less was to actually show the amount of food able to be purchased, but with a fun twist... bring the food to life!

Hogue Cellars Screwcap Launch

With Hogue Cellars, I had the challenge of creating a video that explained cork taint and launched their new screwcapped wine.  The winemakers had done many studies on cork taint, so I took that aspect and used their lab coat style in a fun and educational way.

Kumala South African Wines Intro to USA

The goal of this video was to create a commercial to introduce Kumala wines to the US market.  After building a faux grocery store shelf, my colleagues and I were able to act out our vision and help our sales team establish the brand.  

RH Phillips Screwcap Introduction

This video was created as a teaser-trailer that was emailed to wine distributors to prepare them for our new screwcap closure for RH Phillips wines.  The idea of screwcaps for wine was still a new one, and this was one of many videos to help our sale team educate buyers about our motivation to move to screwcaps.