I have been an art director for over 11 years, and love to work with graphic designers as well as create print work myself. I have hands-on experience with printing presses, and have knowledge of many types of printing to accomodate budgets and job specifications. 

I restored an old hand-crank tabletop letterpress, and use it to print unique cards, coasters and prints.  Below are a few examples of my letterpress design work, along with a few images of the Pilot letterpress restoration.  I use hand-set type as well as polymer plates, wood & linoleum blocks to print.  

I created the video below for a photography exhibit in 2011. The video combines a few of my passions, including letterpress and photography. I decided to make a video invitation as the "making of" a letterpress postcard announcement for this show, which is what you see being hand-pressed in this video. I set wood type for the front of the card, and lead type for the back of the card with a couple polymer plates for my logo and website URL. The time lapses were done with thousands of still images shot with an intervalometer and a DSLR.

Commercial Print Work
I design work destined for commercial sheet-fed, web, and flexography printers as well as large format digital printers.  I enjoy doing press checks, and working with printers to achieve a specific look on a printed piece or production run.  I've designed everything from publications to billboards, on media ranging from paper to plastic and wood.  Below are some examples of my commercial design work.

Signage Design

I enjoy creating custom signage with a specific goal.  I have experience creating complex die-lines as well as designing for a variety of substrates.  Billboards, mobiles, truck and car wraps, posters, standing signage and fabric banners are all examples of signage I often create.